City hotel starts Friday art evenings

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JW Marriott is set to host an Art Evening which will showcase works of well-known artists as well as offer a platform for fresh talent.

Art series seem to have suddenly gained popularity in the city. After a renowned travel magazine launched one to showcase works of well-known artists, a city hotel has now started an event called Friday Art Evening with the primary aim to promote and offer a platform to fresh talent.

Although initiated a year ago, the Friday Art Evening was meant to take place every three months. Now, back with a fresh bunch of artists, it has kick-started its first show at the JW Marriott hotel, under the theme ‘Unexpected. Not Connected’, presented by Gallerie Angel Arts. The four artists showcasing are city-based Savia Mahajan, Bhumika Takshak from Udaipur, Nishant Dange from Nagpur, and Monte from Germany.

Dange, 27, feels it’s a “great opportunity for newcomers in the art scene”. Known for his paintings of feminine forms in charcoal, he has fused watercolors on his canvases for this event. Mahajan, whose paintings reflect the fantastical and surreal world, thinks that having a show in the suburbs is important. “We generally host art events in and around Churchgate, but Juhu and Bandra to are important hubs. I am thrilled to be part of this eclectic collection,” she says.

Faiek El Saadani, director of F&B at JW Marriott, Mumbai, says, “Like our Sunday brunch, we also wanted to introduce something for the city art scene. We were able to incorporate established and new talent when we started out, and we got a great response for the concept. We’re planning to now make it a more regular event depending on the availability of artists. We take things forward after the galleries we are associated with selecting the artists.”

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