Debashish Dutta

There is an essence of Calcutta style in his work, having spent his childhood in West Bengal. Though Dutta’s work is mostly figurative, architectural props add character to his canvases. Indian miniature paintings have a great influence on the artist’s style of representation. The artist consciously minimises the size of work giving the viewers a break from the reality of  the chaotic urban lifestyle. The artist has symbolised people and place in his artwork covering famous architectural  buildings such as the Gateway of India in Mumbai and the Charminar in Hyderabad. Working with oil and acrylic on canvas, the artist has displayed his perspective of the vibrancy and drudgery of urban life.  Dutta has been exhibiting his work regularly since 1998. Apart from participating in several group shows he also had four solo shows to his credit. The artist presently lives and works in Baroda.


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