Olga Bezhina

The open air, at which Olga creates landscapes, acts as a creative laboratory, where the search for the most advanced pictorial approaches is carried out, new solutions are scooped. She claims that this place gives her the opportunity to create, she is inspired by the open, vast expanses of the steppe, the deep blue sky, the hot sun and the sea around. The first work was born in the open air in 2011. Olga Bezhina is an artist who creates landscapes reinterpreted from the surrounding space of nature into volumetric structures. Such is the work of “Particle”, created by all shades of blue and turquoise. Its large strokes form a convex, complex texture, where each element is laid out thoughtfully, verified, like pieces of colored mosaic smalt. He writes quickly – it takes about 12 hours to do one job.


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