Chugli series Part 1 Pickle Making Ritual

Mango pickle making and tasting ritual at my hometown, Dehra Dun, has been a part of my growing up. Right from climbing up a mango tree to plucking, cutting and sun drying, learning the art and dexterity of blending the perfect melange for mango ‘achaar’ has been an extraordinary experience. This illustration is inspired by the site and smell of my nani’s ‘aangan’ (verandah), where I witness the classy vignette of my aunts reminiscing their childhood whilst retaining the essence preserved in my grandma’s heirloom recipe book. I smell freshly ground red pepper dancing to the tunes of the glass bangles worn by the lady-folk. I hear the giggles, unexpected sneezes and ambient chatter of women in my family who continue to celebrate the nostalgia driven ritual of making achaar and distributing it among family and friends.

Medium: Waterproof Print on Canvas Cloth

Size: 24 x 24 inches