Durga is a burning symbol of women empowerment and the epitome of poise. The fact that she transformed herself into various avataars depending on the circumstances and the situations she was presented with, is motivating and inspiring. An Indian woman also mirrors this trait in everyday life, smoothly transitioning from one powerful role to another with ease, making it look so effortless and easy, when in reality it is hard, complex and requires a lot of courage. This courage, bravery and grace should be celebrated and appreciated with all its vigour. In this parallel image the left half depicts the everyday woman, who is a child, a wife, a friend or a mother. She is kind, noble and caring. She has the power and capability to morph into any role and do everything with absolute grace. The right half of the image depicts the inner Durga that exists in every woman. Durga is fierce, brave and just. She is powerful and confident enough to quash any problem that comes in her path. Every woman has a celestial being inside of her, and every day when she wakes up, she’s closer to transitioning to her permanent celestial self.

Medium: Print on Smooth Matte Fine Art Paper

Size: 36 X 36 inches