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For me, art is a process, it is like living life. I start somewhere, on the way I get ideas which I want to develop and see what happens, and those ideas in turn, bring in more ideas and I am sucked into it, full swing. It depends on how far, intuitively, my physical being and my mental state of the moment get fully involved, that decides if the work-in-progress becomes a satisfactory finished art piece, or something that belongs in the trash.

My working method is simple, I go on working with the forms, colours, objects till the moment an intense feeling of satisfaction washes over me. Then I know the piece I am working on is finished and these works are the ones that get saved.

If, after encountering with my work it gives you a pleasant feeling, then my work as an artist is done!

Medium: Open Edition Print, on Photo-glossy Paper

Size: 22 X 22 inches