Jaltare’s acrylic and mixed media works explore the tango of form and formlessness, energy and desire, and the mortal and divine. He combines figurative and abstract elements fluidly to weave an engrossing narrative that is both authentically Indian and contemporary. 

Sachin Jaltare’s visual renditions seem to be in a continuous process of metamorphosis, yet, each stage is complete in itself. The visual vocabulary is minimalistic and geometrical. Unnecessary details and clutter get diminished, while the natural elements and figures make their presence felt, seamlessly merging into the space as part of a unified existence. The harmonious assimilation and distribution of colours and tints grant a soft gradation and apparent depth. Sachin Jaltare’s artworks exude a mystic charm, with the earthy and neutral avatar of the figures accentuating their ubiquitous appeal.

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 48 X 48 inches