I have seen my country from close quarters and have tried to perceive it as such. I was brought up in the countryside; hence I have given prominence to rural culture and traditions in most of my works. India is a multicultural, multi- lingual nation with diverse traditions. The countryside of India has always fascinated me and is a main theme of many of my works. I had watched different rural games, rituals, and folk- dances as a child, which refreshes my childhood memories. Little boys and girls were selling toys, “Firkees” in village-fairs. Children playing with kites, enjoying with excitement in the narrow village lanes, of which I too was a part. All these memories have made their way onto my canvases. I want to use varied colours in my paintings; above all my primary concern is the image expressions.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 4.8L

Size: 48 X 72 inches