5 Tips to Beautifully Frame Your Artwork, by Shwetaambari Soni

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Why do we frame our Artwork? When we frame something, we display, protect and add value to that thing by doing so. But the problem comes when you don’t know how to choose the right frame for your Art piece. There is a framer in London named John Jones, who is also an industry leader. He is known to preserve the Artwork by using new technologies and conservation techniques. There are many Artists like Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon who have worked for a museum and are the successful framers. Being the best Art Framer, Mr Matt Jones shared some of the tips on how to beautifully frame an Artwork.

Use modern materials and avoid outdated ones”A lot of damage is caused by mounting materials,” explains Mr Matt Jones, “In the past, framers didn’t have the same knowledge we do today and industry standards were different.” Have you worked with an old frame? It’s worth checking for materials such as wood pulp which can become acidic over time. Travel is another factor which needs a profound consideration. “If we know that the Artwork is going to be hung somewhere with fluctuations in climate and temperature then we can adapt the design of the frame interior to ensure it protects the artwork”, Jones added further.

Transform your old Artwork into the new one by changing and choosing a great frameMr Matt Jones said, “I really do think that framing is a journey that transforms an artwork. For an artist, a frame can completely change the way their artwork is seen. It can make a piece come to life”. Actually, reframing an old work can transform its appearance and it further increases its chances of a successful sale. During a transforming process, framing can really add a great value to the Art piece.Pick only the trustworthy framerAccording to Jones, “A good frame can protect an artwork, improves the appearance of the Art piece and makes it more likely to sell for a higher price at auction.” It is very imperative to choose only that framer who seems trustworthy to you and has got a significant expertise. Therefore, it is good if you build a relationship which is based on the trust and understanding, with the one who is framing your Artwork for you.Use a frame that should be climate-runnerAccording to Matt Jones, “The right frame can create an environment that’s perfect for preserving the favourite artwork. If an artwork is going to be displayed in a hot climate, it’s often a good idea to seal the frame, which can also prevent insects from entering into it.” He suggested adding a humidity reader to the back of the frame that allows you to check the humidity level anytime.

Where is the Artwork going to be hung?

According to Mr Matt Jones, “It’s essential for a framer to understand where does he/she want to hang the Artwork”. He further added, “often we build frames to suit a specific space on some occasions. The important thing to remember is that if you change the environment around the artwork, you can have a significant impact on its preservation.So, these are the 5 tips from an expert framer that you can actually take in your life if you want to preserve your precious masterpiece for a long time. There is no doubt that framing augments the life expectancy of an Artwork. It’s just that we should know very well about the know-how of how to frame in a right manner.

Artwork by Yashwant Shirwadkar, during the “In an Artist’s Mind IX” at Nirlon Knowledge Park

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