A Week in the Life of series

Day 1 of ‘A Week in the Life of Avani Patel Aggarwal’ We asked Avani how she started her artistic journey in Digital Fine Arts, here’s what she had to say;”Based in Mumbai, India, I never received any formal training in digital art or even computers. It was not a drawback. Instead, I feel, the […]

Meandering of the mind and what do you see?

As I was ruminating about life, a thought occurred to me. Why is it that humankind has this need for the beautiful? Why is it that we need to see the beauty, acknowledge the pretty, seek for the cleanest most presentable aspect of our framework of what the beautiful is in other people, in other […]

Art Extroversion, by Shwetaambari Soni

Art enables a person to look at the world from a different perspective. What is Art?: A Mind Opening ExperienceArt dwells in the middle of this messy soup of things called life, and art can transform how people think and move in the world. Art provides a way into difficult topics while allowing for, even […]

Street Art in India, by Shwetaambari Soni

“Street Art is perhaps the most interesting and unique genre of Art I have ever seen.” Have you ever thought where this creative and incredible idea of painting the streets came from? Well, I guess, yes! Wandering in the streets, we can see many types of art forms that include images, illustrations, or symbols that […]

Contemporary Art and Its Journey, by Shwetaambari Soni

When talking about the Contemporary Art, many people are skeptical about this Art form. Technically speaking, the Contemporary Art refers to the Art made and produced by the Artists living today. This Art is simple and straightforward but its modern-time meaning is not clear yet. There are a lot of people who don’t have any […]

How Does An Art Change Your Home, by Shwetaambari Soni

Have you ever mulled over the power and the positive energy that Art reflects? Art does connects us. Our senses, body, and mind, It fills our entire home with an auspicious energy and stimulates thinking, engagement and even actions. Art, provides us with a potential to destress and heal. While spending few minutes gazing at […]

Fruitful May and its Origin Story, by Anaika Ajay

May went by in the blink of an eye, so as our Lush May draws to an end, let us talk about it.The history and origin of this month’s name have been theorised and debated on for years, here are the theories surrounding May. Theory 1: Maia Maiestas- Roman Goddess Maia and Bona Dea.The most […]

Walkthrough: How I Analyze an Artwork, by Anaika

Preface: I have chosen to write this blog in more of an informal tone; as an Art lover, talking about how she observes art and interprets it. Analyzing an artwork is such a personal journey, I wanted to share mine with you. I hope you can take something away from this piece that helps you […]

A Quick Art History Lesson in Modern Art with Reshma Jani

A Comparison between Pierre Augusta Renoir’s ‘Misia Sert with a lap dog’ from the Impressionist period, circa 1906, oil on canvas, Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia U.S.A and Henri Matisse’s ‘La Femme au Chapeau’ or ‘Woman with a Hat’ from the Fauvism period circa 1905, oil on canvas, San Francisco Museum of Art Pierre Auguste Renoir’s famous […]

Seema Kohli- Drawing Her Own Niche in Contemporary Art, by Shwetaambari Soni

Born in 1960, Seema Kohli has created her own niche in the world of contemporary art since the past 35 years. Her creative repertoire is eclectic, encompassing a wide range of mediums, ranging from painting, murals, experiential installation performances, films to installations, sculptures with a unique expression of her style. Her prints of her Artworks […]