Getting to Know Madhuri Bhaduri, by Anaika Ajay

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During our ongoing Online Art Show with Madhuri Bhaduri, we got a chance to have a more in depth conversation with her, and get to know a little more about her and her artwork, this is how the interview went! Q1. What has your journey in art looked like through the years? Have you always done abstract paintings or have you experimented with other styles and mediums? My mom was a classical singer and dad was a national level sports person. Following in his footsteps, I played badminton nationals quite early in life, just like him. Then I played squash, while studying economics (1978) before turning my attention to art. I was always fond of drawing and painting and other forms of creative expression from my school days. I decided to pursue my passion to be an artist by undergoing for a Master; Degree in Art in 1988. This is where my journey as an artist began though I had been painting even earlier having learnt it on my own.My first abstract show in 2002 was pivotal for me. It was the evolution of my figurative work. It has been a long abstract journey since the first show as my work remains grounded in the same inspirations of nature. Figurative art is the surface level story and once I got into the core of the subject – it led to me towards making abstract reflections of the same topics I did before in the figurative style…Head on over to our website for the entire interview!

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