Trinity and Nirlon Knowledge Park presents “In An Artist’s Mind IX” in 2018

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“In an Artist’s Mind IX” will take you through the journey of modern Indian contemporary art and will give
you a glimpse into the artists’ thoughts and processes behind the artworks they create.
The show is an interesting collection of artworks, where the artists’ stories and expressions shine
through, resulting in the concept: “In an Artist’s Mind.” The artist’s note alongside the works gives insight into
their inspiration allowing one to fully understand the piece.
This carefully curated mixed bag of artists includes established artists such as Fawad Tamkanat and
Madhuri Bhaduri, as well as young artists like Suruchi Choksi and Bhumika Takshak.
The aim of the show is to create an interactive platform where artists and art lovers alike, can converge to
encourage art appreciation and initiate a dialogue with art at its core.
The artists presented at the Nirlon show are; Anjlie Vellody, Arzan Khambatta, Bhumika Takshak, Fawad
Tamkanat, Lakhan Singh, Madhuri Bhaduri, Nishant Dange, Om Swami, Prakash Ghadge, Rajeshwar
Nyallapali, Shrikant Kadam, Siddharth Singhade, Sonja Weder, Suruchi Choksi, Umakant Kanade, Vishakha
Apte, Yashwant Shirwadkar.

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