What makes an Artist, a Master, by Shwetaambari Soni

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“Great Artists pick up the art where nature ends.”

Marc Chagall.All the artists in the world possess some distinguished features that is unique to them and these features are what make them separate from rest of the artists. When it comes to the Affordable Indian Art then the whole world turns up to the Indian Artists only. There are some unique and distinguishing characteristics of a Master Artist.There are mainly 3 characteristics that make an Artist, a Master:FlexibilityAn Artist should be resilient when it comes to learning. Master artists do a lot of research in their work which enables them to realise their mistakes which further make them come up with their masterpieces.

Love for ArtHuman do anything if they are getting the desired results and the Master Artists are no different. A true artist dedicates his entire life to art. Keeping it OriginalMaster artists have some unique features in their artworks that distinguish them from other Artists. They use various original techniques such as brush strokes and geometrical shapes in order to achieve the culmination of perfection. By watching and analysing these three points, the conclusion is that ‘Anyone can be an Artist’. It’s just that we need to understand, what actually it takes to create wonder. We need to find the niche and the area that we understand better. If someday, you achieve this, then the whole world is yours, just paint it!!

Artwork by Avani Aggarwal

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