Art Extroversion, by Shwetaambari Soni

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Art enables a person to look at the world from a different perspective.

What is Art?:

A Mind Opening ExperienceArt dwells in the middle of this messy soup of things called life, and art can transform how people think and move in the world. Art provides a way into difficult topics while allowing for, even embracing, disagreement. There are as many ways to experience a work of art as there are people to see it. And it’s important that in this process we should try not to be didactic about it. What art does the most is that of communication, of contradicting things as well. Art asks questions about representation, and representation is all about identity, history and power.If art lovers want to dwell in this insanity of mind opening experience then rush and sojourn at the site and buy artwork online under INR 50,000.

Value of Art“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

– ARISTOTLEWhen I talk about the value of art, I always start with its intrinsic value, how art can illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world. This is what I cherish.Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. Research has shown that art affects the fundamental sense of self.Art enables the artist to communicate to unknown people of different cultures via images.

How art affects our mood?It is often said that art elicits the contemplation of the mysteries of era. Art influences our feelings and sometimes alter our mood even drastically. Art itself is the visual form of expression that might be the feelings, emotions, imaginations which portray the realistic or unrealistic aspects of life with the sense of connecting or conveying a message with meaningless.

Colours are the heart of any artwork which give living breath to the artwork. It is what makes the art possible to express it’s subject and convey the message. Colours have psychological impact on human beings.To end with, I would say that art is an expression and application of individual’s imagination which is appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.So now you also dwell in the imaginations of art and give your bare walls a bit of excitement by decking them out in style, without even leaving the comfort of your couch, by buying original paintings online.Artwork by Assim Paul

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