Street Art in India, by Shwetaambari Soni

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“Street Art is perhaps the most interesting and unique genre of Art I have ever seen.”

Have you ever thought where this creative and incredible idea of painting the streets came from? Well, I guess, yes! Wandering in the streets, we can see many types of art forms that include images, illustrations, or symbols that are meant to convey a message. In my opinion, these works of art act as a primary way to express the artist’s thoughts on many topics and public issues. When I see these colourful and captivating street walls, the very first thing that strikes my mind is, ‘could India be any more colourful’? In the past few years, street art has hit the streets in India’s metro cities, and literally, there’s no hiding away from them. The talented Artists have transformed these gruesome and ‘not much approachable’ street walls into something that is visually outstanding and beyond imagination. Art has expanded as an industry and Artists from all across the globe are trying on different things. What fascinates and amazes me is that how do they use a mere spray bottle to create such massive Art! The use of spray paints is very difficult, and it takes a lot of commitment to learning how to use it. I have seen many Art lovers who buy these amazing paintings of Street Art online under INR 50000. What compels them to buy these artistries when they can simply watch it on the television or simply see it in an exhibition? Instead of buying these original painting online, why can’t they just sit back and relax? I feel the driving force is the ‘Love’ for this incredible Art.

Sometimes, you don’t need words to express your feelings, tribulations, trials, or whatever you want to convey but just your talent and imagination. After all, painting is all about smearing your thoughts and insights with the colours of profound ponder.Right?

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