Art in the Time of Corona, by Anaika Ajay

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As the world has come to what feels like a stand still, I pick up my trusty pen and let my angst towards the situation take over. I will be focusing on just the art-spect of things (get it, art and aspect?)But before I commence, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone working day and night to fight the virus, people in the service industry that are risking getting infected every day to help others, and everyone who is diligently staying at home because they know the sooner we work together, the sooner things can go back to the way they were, or some version of that, so, thank you.Now, back to our regular scheduled blog; Magazines and websites have already come up with ways to curb your boredom, so while you read that book that has been collecting dust on your bookshelf, or take up a new hobby, let us try to find beauty in the details. Art is and has always been a shapeshifter of sorts, being able to fit the role of the moment and be truly timeless. In the face of such a pandemic, art has taken on the form of informer and entertainer as it has done multiple times in history. Art as a Tool‘Quarantine Art’ has emerged as a new wave of art that shares both information about the pandemic, ( because everyones knows that memes and humour through art is a real form of communication for millenials and younger generations,) and also acts as a coping mechanism for artists to make art inspired by current events in real time. The ‘30-day Art Challenge’ and numerous quarantine art pages have popped up on social media to combat the anxiety and boredom of social distancing and self isolation. And as people start to spend more time with themselves; art has the ability to help you connect with yourself. The consensus of all this being; art can help. Whether art helps distract you, inspires you, or helps you learn about yourself, we urge you to consume art in your everyday lives in any shape or form.Beautiful artworks (in order) by Monika Kister, Rebeca Losada, Lydia Ortiz and Masha LamBlog by Anaika

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