Conceptual Art- Why Incomprehensible at First, by Shwetaambari Soni

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Conceptual Art is something that is not so lucid at first. Still, there are many Modern Art lovers who buy the modern Indian Art online.If you are seeing any Conceptual Art for the first time and haven’t quite grasped what it is, don’t be too hard on yourself. Defining it is one thing, understanding it is something else and even more difficult to elaborate it in your own words. Yeah! That’s right.Conceptual Art or conceptualism is an art that has moved beyond traditional aesthetics or even materials. Conceptual Art has been widely criticised for being a bucket in which certain pieces of Art fall when no one can make sense of them. If there is Art which does not meet the standard genres or categories of art such as figurative, abstract, portrait or landscape and has presented particularly some challenging interpretations, it conveniently fells into the realm of conceptualism.

Despite being dismissed as real art by many experts, Conceptual Artists claim that their art is based on the essence of art as an idea or concept. It appears that Conceptual Art rose as a form of rebellion by those who didn’t want to be limited by the confines of contemporary art. Perhaps, Conceptual Art was intended to poke the masses who were easily deceived when presented with a completely new concept that was so beyond description and understanding.However, Conceptual Art does have a rather strong following particularly for those who feel that art, conceptual or not, is meant to be philosophical. An Art needs not be beautiful, fall into a category, follow a technique or even have a name! Art is an open-ended question and meant to make you feel something and simply communicate with us. So, even if this Art form is meeting with admiration, disdain, or confusion, which is a common case, it has done its job as a proper art to render a reaction from its audience.

Artwork by Bijita Sharma

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