Yogesh Ramakrishna Kamble-Master of Geometrical Art, by Shwetaambari Soni

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The Geometrical Art incorporates various motifs such as the Zigzag, the Triangle, the Meander and the Swastika. These paintings have different meaning and are mainly focused on the angles. There are many pieces of Affordable Indian Art that are unimaginable and amazing. There is this amazing Artist, Yogesh Ramakrishna Kamble, who made his own recognition in the genre of Geometrical Art form.

From 2010-2014, he took part in ‘Maharashtra State Art Exhibition’ in Mumbai. In 2012, he took part in ‘Kala Ghoda Festival’, Mumbai. In 2013, he participated in ‘Land Art Camp’ in Mumbai, took part in the 80’s Show by Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, took part in the ‘Venus Competition exhibition’ in Pune and exhibited his artwork in a group show at Kumaraswamy Art Gallery, Mumbai. In 2014, he participated in the group shows at ‘Art Gate Gallery’, Mumbai and took part in ‘The Monsoon show’ exhibited at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. In 2014 and 2015, he exhibited his Art, ‘Who-Man’ and ‘A Confluence of Reformations’, at Sir J. J. School of Art Gallery, Mumbai.

A story of past events, existence, myths, beliefs related to some specific sites or era has been the keen centre of interest to him since his childhood. Mythology, tales, rituals, beliefs, superstitions and inspiration from miniatures are some of the most important fragments of his artwork pieces. He says, “I think we live in parallel lives of myths, tales and fantasy, all having their existence at present time, which makes my works visually surreal standing in between reality and fantasy”. According to him, the visual content can become highly dramatic, disturbing and erotic to some extent and he is going well in representing all these phases in a positive and encouraging way to the world.

Artwork by Yogesh Ramakrishna

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