The Art Odyssey: A Brief Trek by Dream Sidhu

In the dim recesses of prehistory, our ancestors smudged ochre and charcoal on cave walls, immortalizing their world- the hunt, the wild beasts, and the mysteries of existence. The ancient artists, their hands guided by flickering firelight, unknowingly gave birth to the first chapter of human creativity. Fast forward to medieval Europe, where stone cathedrals […]

CHROMATIC RHAPSODY: A mesmerizing world of drip art by Dream Sidhu

Let’s dive into the mesmerizing world of drip paintings.  Imagine standing before an empty canvas, you’re not armed with any brush nor any palette knife. Now close your eyes and let the colours flow, let the colours do their dance on the canvas. They splatter, they stream, they spurt, leaving trails of emotions in their […]

Let’s Discuss AI Art by Anaika

What is AI generated art and how does it work? We have seen a rise in the popularity of AI generated art and content in the past couple of months. Whether it be creating multiple styles of fantasy profiles of yourself on social media, magically writing an essay for your literature class, or typing a […]

Welcome to the Trinity Art Room by Anaika

While Covid opened up the online portal for galleries to migrate their operations to the internet, with a surge in online art shows and auctions, we found ourselves at a unique crossroads; continue to operate solely as an online gallery as we had been for the past 10 years or move in a completely different […]

The Origins of Origami by Anaika

I have always believed that the art of origami is quite a useful “hobby” to be skilful at because it requires a great deal of patience, concentration, and hand-eye coordination, not to mention, being gentle while folding paper. As a child I did not possess these skills as I would often end up ripping the […]

The Sher-Gil Shift by Anaika

Known as the pioneer of Modern Art in India, Amrita Sher-Gil has made quite an impact during her short but ever so vibrant life.This piece briefly explores the Western and Indian influences on Sher-Gil’s works, and seeks to understand the transition and differences between the style of works she produced whilst in Europe and later […]


“ To be a Surrealist means barring from your mind all the remembrance of what you have seen, and being always on the lookout for what has never been”~ Renè Magritte René Magritte, the Belgian artist and famous Surrealist, has constantly surprised the world with his artworks. He would use common objects in surprisingly unexpected […]


“Every page should explode, either because of its staggering absurdity or the enthusiasm of its principles.” ~Tristan Tzara, Manifesti del dadaismo KEY CHARACTERISTICS OF DADA ART Founded by Hans Jean Arp, the Dada Art movement, much like its name had no meaning. It was based on the absurd, the nonsensical, and the ridiculous.  It came […]

Factors that affect the value of an artwork by Reshma Jani

To own a piece of art does not mean just a canvas. It’s about owning a piece of history, owning a piece of that artist, and immortalizing him forever… Factors that affect the value of an artwork What determines an artwork’s value? And why are some artworks so expensive? What makes one artwork sell for […]


“ Every act of creation is first an act of destruction”  ~ Pablo Picasso  Georges Braque, French painter, and one of the important revolutionaries of 20th-century art developed Cubism along with his contemporary, Pablo Picasso. In its time, Cubism seemed difficult and wild and was constantly targeted by the conservatives. They were dismayed upon its […]